Does your PPS pay on trials or trial conversions?
We pay out on TRIALS, not TRIAL CONVERSIONS. Send us a trial and you get $35.
No minimums, no limits.

When are payments issued? Do you have a payout holdback?
Payments are sent every month on the 15th of the month. There is no holdback on payouts.

What's the difference between PPS and Revshare?
PPS = Pay Per Signup. With PPS you get paid $35 for every trial or full signup
you send to sites.

What is your policy on email marketing?
We Do Not Permit email marketing of any kind unless it is pre-approved by our staff.
Please contact us here if you are interested in doing an email campaign.

How often are your stats updated?
All of the stats on are real-time.

Do you offer webmaster referral payouts?
Yes! our webmaster referral program pays out 5% of each referred
webmasters' payout for life.

Do we have join page link codes?
Not yet, we are adding this feature in the near future.

What are my payment options?
You can be paid by check, epassporte or wire transfer.

Do you have campaign tracking?
Yes! you can access this by logging into, selecting
"links and tools" at the top and then "campaigns" on the left menu. Here you can
add campaigns and select them for use when grabbing link codes and promo material.

If you do not remember your password to log into the webmaster area Click Here
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